Great PhotoShoot @ Studio4Fun | Networking among photographers and models in Montreal

Next Great PhotoShoot : July 10th 2012
Limited places. Register today!


How much does it cost?

The Great PhotoShoot requires a vast quantity of material and a large studio floor space in order to accommodate the large number of participants. The registration fees are used to cover the expenses related to studio and equipment rentals, the logistics, the makeup artists and hair stylist.

Registrations being limited to 50 models and 50 photographers, we offer the opportunity to register online until June 7th (midnight), or until there are places available.

Online registration only

N.B.: Please note that this edition of the Great PhotoShoot is presented in French, but volunteers will be able to assist participants in both English and French.(Veuillez noter que cette édition de la Grande Séance sera présentée en Français, mais les bénévoles pourront vous assister en Anglais et en Français.)

No refunds will be possible for online registrations. No door registration will be possible if the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Free parking is available.

Online registration only
You can reach us during office hours if you are experiencing problems during your registration.

EARLY BIRD PRICE -15% : Registration before June 3rd gives a rebate of about 15% on the regular price

This is intended to those who are not currently a Studio4Fun member. Your registration included automatically a subscription to package C at Studio4Fun (value of 30$). Lunch is included in the registration price.

Photographer (Studio4Fun members)
This is for those with valid Studio4Fun memberships (Package A, B or C) at the Grande Séance registration time. Lunch is included in the registration price.

Models (male, female or underage)
The make-up artist and hair stylist services are provided onsite starting at 9 a.m. Lunch is included in the registration price.

Observer or accompanying person (Not allowed to take pictures nor posing during the day and will not appear in the visual directory)
Voluntary contribution is encouraged (Online registration mandatory)

Your donation will serve to fund future activities that will promote photography and video such as the GreatPhotoShoot. Lunch will be included for those who contribute 35$ or more.

Makeup artists, hair stylists, stylists and designers
Please communicate with us

Meal options
LUNCH: Included with the Great PhotoShoot registrations for photographers and models (and for observers and accompanying persons who made a donation of more than $35).
DINNER : $10 per dinner (collected at your arrival to the Great PhotoShoot, cash only)

$10.00 / meal (collected at your arrival to the Great PhotoShoot, cash only)
A lunch period is scheduled where you will be able to connect and exchange with other participants and rest. For lunch, chicken is ordered from St-Hubert. For dinner, pizza is ordered for the group. The dinner is not mandatory but is a good time for relaxing and debriefing with other participants.

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors.