Great PhotoShoot @ Studio4Fun | Networking among photographers and models in Montreal

Next Great PhotoShoot : July 10th 2012
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Please note that this edition of the Great PhotoShoot is presented in French, but volunteers will be able to assist participants in both English and French.(Veuillez noter que cette édition de la Grande Séance sera présentée en Français, mais les bénévoles pourront vous assister en Anglais et en Français.)

Photographer’s equipment:
Bring only what you need to capture photos - your camera, lenses, memory cards, batteries. Studio4fun will provide wireless transmitters to trigger the flashes that will be installed in each shooting station. Travel light as you will be going to 4 different studios during the day.

The lighting equipment is provided by Lozeau and BoothPhoto. Several set-ups will be installed in the studios, ready to use.

Adjust your camera and transmitter according to the information provided at each station and you are ready to shoot! No need to measure exposure, and no technical knowledge is needed! You can experiment with different types of lighting and various accessories, without worrying about the technical side.

Models, Clothing, Make-Up, Hair:
You can bring multiple clothing changes, carried in bags or suitcase. We also suggest bringing accessories to create variety during the day. Some models might wish to wear more exotic clothes. It is not mandatory but always interesting. Travel light to ease your studio transitions during the day. There is a locker room where you will be able to lock away your belongings. You need to supply your own lock in this case otherwise you will need to carry everything with you.

Several professional make-up artists and hair stylist will be on site during the day. They will apply basic make-up and basic hair styling on each model before the first rotation starting 9:00 a.m, and will be available to do touch-ups during the day. During the day, make-up artist and hair stylist can be more creative if wanted.

How the day works:
The Great PhotoShoot starts at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m. Four rotations are scheduled for the day, in 4 different studio situations. The photographers and models get separated into sub-groups. At each rotation, a group of photographers work with a different group of models, in a new set of stations.

This schedule allows all participants to experiment with the different studios, various lighting set-ups and with different models, allowing them to meet the most people possible.

After each rotation, a 15 minute briefing is scheduled to answer questions and get feedback from participants, as well as to draw door prizes.

Commitment and authorizations:
The practice of exchange - “time for photos” or (TFP/TFCD) applies to all participants. It is understood that the photographers will be forwarding the images to the models and make-up artists with whom they worked, in order for them to add them to their portfolios.

All models must sign a Model Release Form upon arrival. This gives permission to the photographers to use the images taken at the Great PhotoShoot exclusively for their portfolios (non-commercial use only)

This Release form also allows Studio4Fun to use the images for promotion of future Great PhotoShoot and the Studio4Fun locations, as well as on the Great PhotoShoot and/or Studio4Fun Facebook pages.

Models who are under 18 years of age must have written authorization from a parent in hand before arriving at the Great PhotoShoot

All photographers must sign upon arrival a consent form stating that they will respect the principle of Time for Photos (TFP or TFCD).

Participants who refuse to sign the authorization may not participate in the Great PhotoShoot

Photography usage release for PHOTOGRAPHERS

Photography usage release for MODELS

Photography usage release for OBSERVERS

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors.