How much does it cost?

You can choose one of three packages, depending on how often you need to rent studio space. Occasional users can pay a low annual fee and rent studios for multi-hour blocks at the regular rates (Package C). More frequent users should consider one of the packages with higher annual fees but discounts on the regular rates for each block of hours (Package A or B).

We offer 3 different memberships to suit professional, amateur or student photographers. According to how often you're planning on using Studio4fun, you can choose among 3 packages according to how often you're planning on using Studio4fun.

PACKAGE C (The most popular)

Package C is aimed at people wishing to minimize their annual fees while taking advantage of the Studio4fun services. It is our most popular package, allowing maximum flexibility. This package is meant for people who are wishing to try before getting on board or searching for a fundamental asset in the achievement of a unique project.

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PACKAGE B (The best compromise)

Package B provides a more economical rate than package C. It is aimed at occasional users planning on using the studio between 5 and 10 times per year - the equivalent of once every two months. It should be noted that a package can be modified upwards during the year, but only from Package B to Package A.

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PACKAGE A (The most cost effective)

Package A is meant for people who frequently need a studio (ex: professional photographer) and wish to minimize their user fees. Package A is the most economical offered by Studio4fun when it comes to user fees. It is profitable to choose this package if you plan on booking at least 10 periods per year - the equivalent of once a month.

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Package C Package B Package A


30.00 130.00 450.00


(price per block of 5 or 7 hours)
Studio Lenoir
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135.00 115.00 85.00
Studio St-André
More info
185.00 165.00 135.00
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Payable each year, the amount varies between $30 and $450 depending on the selected package (A, B or C).


Under package C or B, a security deposit is mandatory when you make a reservation. This deposit will be returned to you 3 days after the last period to appear globally in your account. Studio4fun reserves the right to withold this sum in part or whole should any damage or theft occur during your rental period(s). The deposit is $200 under package C et $100 under package B.


Payable when you reserve online or by phone, the amount varies between $75 and $250 depending on the selected package (A, B or C) and on the studio you choose. This is a ''per period'' rate. 7-hour periods are available during weekdays (Monday to Friday) and 5-hour periods during weekends (Saturday and Sunday).